Nancy Alt, RDMS/RDCS president of Altrasound Services joined Dr. Chauhdry’s team in
2006. She is credentialed in OB/GYN, Abdominal, Adult Echocardiography and NT
credentialed since 2005.
It has been Nancy’s vision to “Improve people’s lives and create meaningful, lasting
change here in our community by offering competent and advanced level ultrasound
exams to our local communities”.
Aside from daily scanning, Nancy oversees the educational and technological nuance’s
of the practice. A skilled sonographer with 32 years experience she has partnered
with Pediatric Cardiology Associates of Buffalo to provide local Cardiology support for
both Fetal and Pediatric echocardiography. Nancy implemented the first trimester
screening program in both Wellsville and Olean which has become the standard of
care. She works closely with Perkin Elmer expanding the genetics program to include
“Verify”, free cell DNA testing and is currently researching pre eclampsia testing.